Tin Spirits


Tin Spirits first got together in Swindon UK in the summer of 2008, when Daniel Steinhardt from TheGigRig invited former XTC guitarist (and musical hero) Dave Gregory to a local studio to video record an ‘amp shoot-out’ with Dan’s band The Hi-Fidels, comprising bassist Mark Kilminster and drummer Doug Mussard.

All enjoyed the experience so much they decided to take things a stage further and rehearse some of the more challenging music they’d grown up listening to but never had the chance to perform. Tin Spirits soon assembled a strong repertoire of guitar-orientated prog covers, together with a few XTC songs, and began playing gigs in 2009.

They brought out their first album Wired To Earth in 2012 and were nominated for the Prog Rock Limelight Award in 2013. They have since followed that up with a second album, Scorch, in 2014.