Knifeworld is a London-based psychedelic rock band led by Kavus Torabi; originally a Torabi solo project, it became a full band in summer 2009 and has connections with various English musical projects both inside and outside the rock world, having shared members with Cardiacs, Chrome Hoof, North Sea Radio Orchestra and Sidi Bou Said.

For almost a decade now Knifeworld have been delighting and confounding audiences in equal measure: theirs is a music of contradictions – both celebratory and joyous, at times yet melancholy and heartbreaking too, often within the same song. Ambitious, often dense arrangements are married to a glorious, unabashed pop sensibility.

Signed to InsideOut, Knifeworld’s four album career has been continually championed by The Guardian, Prog Magazine and The Quietus.

Drawing influences from English psychedelia, Canterbury and NY minimalism, rarely is music this complex delivered with such ease and grace. Knifeworld are a thoroughly unique prospect, let their music overwhelm and delight you.